Evaluating the Effect of Reactive Dye’s Structure and Penetrant Type on the Fastness of Ink-Jet Prints

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Atasheh Soleimani-Gorgani: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Department of Printing Science and Technology
Mojtaba Jalili: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Department of Printing Science and Technology

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of the reactive dye structure and type of penetrant in ink formulation on paper ink-jet printing. Different type of papers, which have same grammage was printed upon with three commercial reactive dyes, CI Reactive Blue 49 Ink 1, 4, CI Reactive Blue 21 Ink 2, Ink 5 and CI Reactive Blue 19 Ink 3, Ink 6, which are based on different reactive group, chromophore and possess different numbers of anionic groups. Ethylene glycol mono butyl ether Ink1 to Ink 3 and Ethylene glycol di-butyl ether Ink 4 to Ink6 were used in ink formulation as penetrants. Optical density, colorimetric properties, wash and light fastness of the printed paper were evaluated at neutral pH. The results indicated that, the printed subjects with Ink 1 to Ink 3 had less optical density, high dye penetration and good wash fastness properties compare to Ink 4 to Ink 6. Ink 2 and Ink 5 are demonstrating excellent to washing and light fastness on the most of the substrates compare to other inks. The light fastness of other inks fixed to paper was poor.

Reactive dye, Paper, Ink-jet, Printing, Fastness, Dye structure

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