Performance Characterization of Coatings on Treated-wood

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Mojgan Nejad: University of Toronto -
Paul Cooper: University of Toronto -

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Coating performance is greatly influenced by the properties of the wood substrate. This study was focused on evaluating the performance of coatings on both preservative- and thermally-treated wood. A number of commercially formulated semi-transparent stains Alkyd, Alkyd-Acrylic and PU were applied on four different types of preservative treated and heat-treated wood and their performances were evaluated in natural weathering exposure in Toronto, Canada. The results showed treatments enhanced the performance of the coatings. This enhancement occurred by reducing the water uptake in the case of thermal treatment and preservative treatment with chromated copper arsenate CCA. Even though wood treated with Cu amine-based preservatives had a higher water uptake than untreated wood; the erosion and color change of coating on Cu-amine treated wood was significantly lower than on untreated wood. There were some water-based formulations that had overall better performance than solvent-based coatings on thermally treated wood

Wood coating, Heat-treated wood, Preservative treated wood

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