Studying the Effect of Montmorillonite Nanoclay on Mechanical Properties and the Amount of Nanoclay on Epoxy Siloxane Hybrid Coatings

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Tahereh Samaei yekta: Amirkabir University of Technology - Polymer Engineering and Color Technology Department
Mahtab Pouradam: Amirkabir University of Technology - Engineering and Color Technology Department
Seid mahmoud Ksiriha: Amirkabir University of Technology - Polymer engineering and color technology
A.a Sarabi: Amirkabir University of Technology - Polymer Engineering and Color Technology Departmen

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Create three-dimensional network of siloxane polymer in the epoxy resin is an appropriate mechanical properties .Dispersion of nanoclay in these coating was prepared by ultrasonication method. Mechanical properties of nanocomposit coatings such as abrasion, hardness and adhesion was increased by addition of nanoclay montmorillonite. Different percentages of nanoclay in coating showed that even small amounts of nanoclay increased mechanical properties . Stability and morphology of nanocomposite coating was evaluated by TEM , XRD and optical microscope .The results obtained show a stable dispersion of clay layers into the matrix and showed higher dry and wet adhesion in compare with pure epoxy –siloxane coating.

Epoxy siloxane, Nanocompasite, Salt spray, Adhesion, Abrasion, Hardness

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