Synthesis and Surface Modification of Pigment Red 3 by Sulfonation Method for Improving Properties in Waterborne Ink

Journal: Vol.10, No.1, Winter 2017 - Article 7   Pages :  51 Until 65

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M. Rostami: Institute for color science and technology - Department of Nano Materials and Coatings
A. Khosravi: Amirkabir University of Technology - Department of Polymer Engineering and Color Technology
M. M. Attar: Amirkabir University of Technology - Department of Polymer Engineering and Color Technology

Article's abstract:

Pigment Red3 was synthesized and chemically treated by sulphonation. The treatment, affected the surface chemistry and the shape of pigments. The effects of reaction time, temperature, Solvent/Pigment ratio and Acid/Pigment ratio were examined on the treated pigment. The investigation of experimental design based on Tauguchi method, was carried out. To assessment of treated particles, UV-visible spectroscopy, Densitometry, Turbidiometry, pH and Scanning Electron Microscope were studied. Also to study the effects of surface modification on final properties of water born flexographic ink, tests such as rate of dispersion, gloss, K/S, Chroma, hue and lightness of ink coating was performed. To characterize the properties of the treated pigment, With regards to the results of properties of analysis and Variance Analysis, optimum samples were selected. The effect of each independent parameter was considered.

Pigment Red 3, Surface treatment, Sulfonation, Water born flexographic inks.

References: 1. M. Ettlinger, T. Ladwig A. Weise, Surface modified fumed silicas for modern Coatings, prog. Org. Coatings., 40(1) (2000), 31-34. 2. Y.Sun, Z. Zhang, C. Wong, Study on mono-dispersed nano-size silica by Surface modification for under fill applications. J COLLOID INTERF SCI, 292(2) (2005), 436-444. 3. M.Rostami, M. Mohseni, Z. Ranjbar, Investigating the effect of pH on the Surface chemistry of an amino silane treated nano silica. Pigment

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