Crystal Phase Study of Pigment Red 254 in the Presence of Ionic ‎Liquids

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S. Shiva Shamekhi: Institute for Color Science and Technology - Department of Organic Colorants
Farahnaz Nourmohammadian: Institute of Color Science and Technology - Department of Organic Colorants

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Different crystal phase with a same chemical structure, polymorphous, is a specific physical characteristic which determine the end usage of pigments especially in high performance ones. Diketopyrrolopyrrole DPP derivatives, as one of the innovative in heterocyclic pigments, follow this pattern. Synthesis of pigment red 254 in selected crystal phase using ionic liquids was achieved without any further phase separation steps after synthesis. Observed different physical properties such as melting points, color properties of these synthesized pigmentsPR 254 in α and β phases are clarified .

Diketopyrrolopyrrole, Crystal modification, Ionic liquids, Pigment Red 254.

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