Studies on UV-Visible, Fluorescent Spectral Properties and Solvatochromic behavior of Naphthalimide Compound Containing Quaternary Ammonium

Journal: Vol.10, No.3, Summer 2017 - Article 4   Pages :  163 Until 172

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H. Shaki: Golestan University - Department of Chemical Engineering

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This paper presents the results of absorption spectra, fluorescence properties and the effect of solvents on UV-Vis spectra of dye quaternized 4-acetylamino-N-2-aminomethylpyridine-1,8-naphthalimide. The fluorescency of the dye was evaluated and its Stokes shift value was 6140 cm-1 in DMF. The solvatochromism behavior of the novel compound is investigated by studying its spectra in pure organic solvents of different characteristics. The factors that affect solvatochromism are discussed like solvent polarity. Finally, the fluorescent dye was applied on polyamide fabrics in order to investigate its dyeing properties. Wash, light, and rubbing fastnesses of the dyed fabrics were measured by standard methods. Moreover, the build-up properties of the synthesized dye was measured on polyamide fabrics. Dyed polyamides had very good wash and rubbing fastness degrees and moderate light fastness. The antibacterial activity of the dyed fabrics was evaluated.

Absorption spectra Fluorescence properties,Solvatochromism effect,Dyeing properties,Quaternary ammonium

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