Effect of gas ratio on tribological and corrosion properties of ion beam sputter deposited TiN coatings

Journal: Vol.11, No.3, Summer 2018 - Article 1   Pages :  129 Until 135

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A.R. Grayeli Korpi: Nuclear Sciences and Technology Research Institute - Physics and Accelerators Research School
Parvin Balashabadi: Nuclear Science -
Majid Mojtahedzade larijani: Nuclear Science -
Maryam Habibi: Iran University of science and technology - School of physics
Amir Hamidi: Nuclear Science -
Majid Malek: Nuclear Science -

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Titanium nitride thin films were grown on 304 stainless steel substrates at various nitrogen/argon flow ratios by ion beam sputtering IBS technique. The current research is a follow up study on the influence of gas ratio on structural and corrosion properties in the TiN coated 304 stainless steel. Film structural identification of phases was studied using X-ray diffractometry XRD. Scanning electron microscope SEM was employed to study Surface morphology and also elemental analysis of samples after corrosion test was investigated by energy dispersive spectroscopy EDS. Through our results, we showed that the films deposited under an Ar : N2 ratio 50sccm:7sccm exhibited a TiN200 preferred orientation. The corrosion behaviour of the samples was evaluated by potentiodynamic polarization test in 3.5 NaCl solution. A critical gas ratio was found at which the corrosion resistant was highest. The correlation between corrosion resistance, structural and surface morphology was examined.

TiN thin films; Corrosion; Potentiodynamic; Stainless steel; SEM

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